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Collier Memorial

On April 18th, 2013, 3 days after the Boston Marathon bombing, MIT police officer Sean Collier was shot and killed on MIT's campus. Architects Howeler+Yoon were commission by MIT the following year to design a memorial in his honor. The outcome of their work is an abstract form reflecting an open hand stretching across the site where Sean was killed. An ovoid space is carved from the center of the structure framing the scene where he was shot. Within that space, a dedication reads: "In the line of duty, Sean Collier, April 18th, 2013." Sean was 26 years old.


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  Credits    Architects:    Howeler + Yoon   Discipline:   Photography  Location:   MIT School of Architecture and Planning, Cambridge, MA  


Architects:  Howeler + Yoon
Discipline:  Photography
Location:  MIT School of Architecture and Planning, Cambridge, MA